Matthew works across opera, theatre, site-specific performance and film as a director and assistant director, and his artistic approach comes from a fusion of training in contemporary and traditional forms of theatre, movement and acting.


Matthew was obsessed with the stage from a young age, acting and organising entertainment in some form throughout school and university. Whilst at Lancaster University he directed his first student plays. After undertaking a Masters degree examining the experience of 'immersion' and the affect of movement in theatre, he continued to develop his directing passion and went on to train in theatre directing at Mountview Academy. He has since directed numerous professional productions and has regularly been an assistant director with English Touring Opera and Geraldine Pilgrim Performance Company. 

In his early twenties he discovered the teachings of Eckhart Tolle and began to recognise the 'voice in the head'/ the suffering ego/ 'little me' and slowly but surely began the process of identifying with the indescribable grace and vastness of presence. He is always deepening in this practice and is dedicated to the arising of the new paradigm, 'a new earth' of incomparable human freedom and love.


"If we respect our own right to be unique we cease to be a slave to imposed thought and behaviour. If we respect everyone's right to that same freedom, we cease to be the police force of the other slaves. With that, the herd and the manipulation of the herd is no more. It is time to remember who we are and where we came from. You are not your job and you are not your race. You are not a road sweeper, an airline pilot or a "housewife". You are not an Arab or a Gentile or a Jew. You are not English or German or Asian. You are not your religion or your political "ism". You are not your gender or your sexual preference. You are not even your thoughts. You are the silence between them, the silence from which your thoughts are created. You are a unique aspect of evolving consciousness on the threshold of a dream, a dream you have worked to achieve for so long. Pack your bag, open your heart, and let's get out of here." 

                                                                                                                                                                          David Icke, I am me - I am free